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The International Student Center of Kagoshima University was established in the year 2000 and is a place of both language and cultural learning.The center's aim is to assit the acedemic progress and to ensure the excellent quality of the university experience for all international students by providing a wide range of programs, classes, workshops and support services. The center staff will assit you in anywat they can to ensure your life in Kagoshima a a happy one.
Important milestones→

  • HIRAGANA Session

    Before the orientation, we offer a special man-to-man training for mastering Japanese letters for two weeks. You will meet many Japanese students who will help you learn these complicated symbols ! [め ぬ ね れ わ ]


  • Orientation

  • This day will give new students information related to their academic planning, on-campus life, health maintenance, immigration staff, entertainment, etc. All of this information will help you survive in Kagoshima.

  • Placement test

     If you have no background in Japanese language, don’t worry. No test. Just go to the class for beginners.

  • If you have studied Japanese before, take this test. It is designed to measure your Japanese skill and determine what class level you will be placed in.
  • Class Start

    Language and Culture classes start ! Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced classes are offered at various places in three campuses. (We cannot count the number of classes !)
    Other university lectures are also available if your language level is appropriate.

  • Poster Session

    This event, usally in the first week of August, is a chance for the internatonal students to make practically use of the Japanese they have learnt to introduce their countries to a wide audience. Participating students will produce a poster introducing their country and culture, which they will then present and explain about in Japanese. Each year many guests from both inside and outside the university come to view the posters and converse with the international students.


  • Field Trips

    International students may have the chance to join the trip to the UNESCO World Heritage designated island of Yakushima whilst in Kagoshima. Located just a short ferry ride from the city, Yakushima is world renowned for it lush rainforests, towering Japanese cedars and unique wildlife.

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