Program Rules

  • 1.Rules for taking classes

    1.Placement Test

  • All new students must take a placement test. You will be placed to the class according to the result of the test.

    2. Moving up to classes in an upper level and a Grade Report

    Students are required to attend more than 80% of total classes in order to take the final examination. (In case of insufficient attendance, the grade will be “W”=Withdrawal) Students with grade “A”~“D” can take the higher level designated classes in the next term. Students with “F”=Failure and “W” grade must take the placement test again before the beginning of the next term and pass the test in order to take the next higher level classes. Even if you pass the test, , “F” grade will still remain in your records.


    (a). If you cannot attend class ,due to some unavoidable reason, please contact
    your instructor as soon as possible, preferably prior to the class.

    (b).If you come later than 10 minutes after the class starts 3 times, we will count it as one absence.

    (c). Regular attendance is extremely important in language acquisition. Discuss with your adviser to solve the conflict with your study schedule. Irregular attendance hinders the instruction process.

    (2) Grading Method

    Instructors may consider the results of homework and quizzes for the final grading . Pleaserefer to the syllabus of each class regarding how credits are divided into each category.

    (3). Application form

    Students must fill out an application form, ask for your advisor's seal, and submit it to the International Student

    (4) Grade Report

    Students must fill out an application form and submit it to the International Student Center by the designated date to get a Grade Report.

  • 2.Who can take classes?

    [PD Registered Undergraduate Student]

  • Basically, Registered Undergraduate Student are supposed to take Japanese I, II, III, IV

  • and Japanese Culture A, B, C.

  • [QD All Other International Students]

  • All other international student classes depending on the result of the placement test.

  • [Researchers and family members of international students ]

  • Cannot attend the classes at Korimoto Campus. Can attend all classes at the

  • International Residence Hall and Sakuragaoka campus free of charge.

  • [Classes at Sakuragaoka Campus]

  • International students, researchers, and their family members living in Sakuragaoka (medical and dental school).



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