Japanese Intensive Course

  • Outline

    This course is intended for beginners with no background in Japanese language.
    Students can learn basic sentence patterns together with fundamental skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the time of completion, the course covers approximately 1000 words, though it is not yet enough to conduct full-fledged life in Japanese because of insufficient knowledge of vocabulary and expressions. The learner's continuous effort, support from other people, and a good learning environment all drastically affect their improvement in Japanese.


  • Trainee Students

    Students with no Japanese background who have come for the first time as students with Ministry of Education Scholarship. Other students can also apply if there is room enough to accept them. For further information, please contact International Student Center (WADA: Tel.099-285-3609).

  • Contents

    ・ (Drill)
    ・ (Conversation)
    ・ (Listening)
    ・ (Application)
    ・ (Grammar)
    ・ (Reading)

  • Grading

    Achievement test will be given several times for the mastery of Japanese Language.


  • Textbooks

    "Minnano Nihongo1(three A network)


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