Study Japan Program (SJP)

  • Outline

    Welcome to Kagoshima University!
    Kagoshima University offers international students a program which aims at establishing a solid foundation in Japanese language and culture, called 'Study Japan Program' (SJP). In this program you can learn the basic structure of Japanese language and based on that, you will be able to acquire communicative competence. We really recommend this program to students who wish to conduct slow but steady studies.
    However, it is not sufficient to just learn the language in order to survive in Japan. This can be also said to other societies, but we must especially emphasize the importance of understanding the culture here. For that purpose the understanding of both language and culture is the main aim of our SJP.
      We hope that you will be able to enrich your study life in Japan through joining this program. 

  • Characteristics of SJP

    SJP is conducted over one semester or one year. A minimum of ten credits per semester or twenty credits per year can be obtained. Through this program students are expected to acquire the basic communicative ability of Japanese language, and academic expertise on Japanese culture and society which will lead deeper understanding of different cultures.

  • Acknowledgement of credits

    Short term exchange students (Special Audit Student and Special Research Student) from the institution with a student exchange agreement with Kagoshima University can obtain credits and a completion certificate for this program if they are successful in passing thefinal examinations.

  • Grading

    ・ SJP Students will receive a transcript for their registered subjects, listing subject titles, grades and credits, etc.
    ・ Through thecredit transfer system, recognition of credits will be made at the student’s home institution based on this transcript.
    ・ A completion certificate of SJP will be issued to the students obtaining more than 10 credits per semester.

  • Short term exchange students based on an academic agreement will have their examination fees, entrance fees and tuition waived.
  • 2015 Autumn Syllabus Collection (Password Required)


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